January 13th AMSHS Weekly Update

Building independent lifelong learners.

Principal's Corner

Hello Warrior Family!

Grade checks will be January 20th. This grade check will be utilized to help students become eligible but we are noticing that our student body is struggling getting in the 3rd quarter groove. Each class takes a minimum of 2 grades per week. Grades are entered into Lumen by Friday. Please help us monitor your child's progress and continue to have conversations at home about working hard and getting assignments turned in on time.

North Star Advocacy Center will also be presenting to our student body on Feb 1st. They provide services for those who have domestic violence and sexual assault as well as help influence cultural change. If you have any questions about this please visit their website https://northstarac.org/.

Our staff member of the week was Steven Quick. Steven works above and beyond for students and staff. He is a positive leader and a valuable part of our team. Thank you Steven for all you do!

We will begin Monday school in February for those who need to make up attendance. There are also multiple opportunities for tutoring morning or afternoons. Contact your child's teacher for more information.


Mrs. Barbara Terry

Middle School/ High School Principal

Albany R-3 School District

Counselor's Corner

Hello Warriors!

January's character trait is Tolerance. This is acceptance of differences and the uniqueness of others and celebrating the common ground we share. Teachers will be on the lookout for students displaying Tolerance.


On Friday, Jan 13th, I met with Seniors during warrior time in the commons to review the ScholarLink program. This is a program that the Northwest Foundation uses to give out scholarships. Students will fill out their information and it will pull up scholarships they are eligible for. Scholarships open up on January 15th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The Gentry County Cattlemen Association Scholarship deadline is extended and opened up to students who are not pursuing agriculture. Though they do prefer students who are, they are allowing others to apply. This scholarship requires a recommendation letter and an essay. Students may pick up an application from my office if they would like to apply.


We have scheduled an ASVAB test score interpretation for January 31st, at 2:30pm during the day. This will be helpful for students to understand their ASVAB scores and look at career options.


Seniors/Juniors have been sent a sign up sheet for the spring district ACT test which will be on March 7th, 2023. I need to have everyone signed up as soon as possible so I can start the process of enrollment.

A+ Scholarship Update:

All A+ students must receive proficient or advanced on the Algebra 1 EOC. The alternative to this is receiving a score of at least a 15 on the math portion of the ACT test AND a 3.0 GPA, receiving a 16 on the math portion and a 2.8 GPA, or a 17 on the math portion and a 2.5 GPA. I am currently reviewing all A+ students and verifying if they need a higher ACT math score or not. I apologize as this requirement was waived for class of 2022, but it is not for class of 2023.

Kristyn Carlock
MS/HS Counselor
Albany School District

Please help us keep our gym and school clean by disposing of your trash properly at ballgames.

Important Information About Student Academics

1st official grade check will be January 20th.

Each student is allotted 7 days to be absent each semester without a doctor's note. If your child is absent, please contact the office and bring a doctors note upon return so their absence is excused and not counted towards these 7 days. If your child has more than 7 unexcused absences, they will need to attend Monday school to receive semester credit.

Students receive independent reading time daily in class so we have decided to incorporate the AR program into your child's classroom grade. Each teacher has a plan on how this will be accomplished. This information was shared with students. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Students who have more than 3 missing assignments could serve lunch detention so they can work on missing assignments.

Absences start over at semester. We will have scheduled Monday school for those who need to make up time to receive credit. The handbook policy states students may have 7 absences per semester. Please make sure you turn in doctor's notes to the office.

Per our handbook policy, after the 6th tardy, students will serve an after school detention. Please see the disciplinary section of the handbook for more information about our tardy policy.

Important Upcoming Dates

1-16-2023 Martin Luther King Jr.

1-19-2023 Board Meeting at 6:30PM

1-30-2023 Weather Make-Up Day

1-31-2023 Winter Sports Senior Night

2-3-23 Winter Sports Homecoming

Don't forget about weekly Friday 7AM Booster Club meetings at Deb's Diner

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