Radio Waves

By: Ahmaja, Ke'ara, Mariana, Mario


Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from 100 (.0039 in) micrometers to 100 kilometers (62 mi). Longer than an infrared light.

They have the lowest frequencies from 3,000 cycles per second or 3kHz. (3 billion hertz)


Some items today that use radio waves are television and T.V remotes and Gps systems and mobile phones.
How do Radio Waves work?


In this video its talks about how radio waves works and how they work in radios in your car. It explains em waves and the way they work too. This video explains briefly about how they work and how they operate

This article is about how people want to start charging phones without plugging them in. They want to charge the phones with radio waves. Its still an on going project but some phone companies are trying to change the charging waves of their products.

Health Impacts

Cell phones use radio waves, radio waves contain radiation. There is a positive and negative side to radiation.

Radiation can be the cause for sleep disorders, headaches and breathing problems.

The positive side to radiation is it can shrink cancer cells as a type of cure for cancer. Everyone is affected by electrical pollution but some are more sensitive to pollution than others so while it may not have a big toll on one person, it can be taking a toll on the next person, genetics and genes determine if someone is more affected and sensitive to radio waves/electrical pollution.