Design Scavenger Hunt

by Amy Kitzman and Sarah Wales and caitlin webler


This represents form because the couches take up space and allows the room to feel cozy.


The gym shows space because it is very open and allows the room to function properly. The use of this space helps the players move freely.


The lockers are an example of a shiny surface because it reflects the light off of its surface.


The table represents a smooth surface because it is soft to the touch. This is needed for a table because you need a smooth surface to eat and write on.


The brick wall shows a rough surface because it is jagged to the touch. This helps the room because it conveys an outdoor and edgy feeling.


The wall in the school store is an example of color because it is bright and represents school spirit.

Vertical Lines

This bench is an example of vertical lines and it gives it an artsy tough as well as giving it a longer look to it.

Horizontal Lines

The wall is painted using horizontal lines to show a way down the hall and makes it feel longer.

Diagonal Lines

The stairs represent diagonal lines and allow for space making it an efficient space.

Curved Lines

This structure shows curved lines and makes the space feel more open.