The Arts Not Prioritized?

Answered By Jenna Allison Anderson

What is The Arts?

The Arts Is Acting, Drama, Music, Art, Dance, Theater Arts, Visual Arts, Film, Photography, Culinary Arts, Literature, Culture arts and more the arts is anything that expresses or apply's of human skill and Imagination.

The Arts Not Prioritized in Elementary Schools.Why?

The Art's not prioritized and near extinction in many schools. I have read many articles about The Arts and there all about The Arts in Middle School or higher and the Art's near extinction or token away because of budget cuts.Why? is The Arts not important because expressing your feeling's is expensive or not to let your creative flow.For example there may be a shy girl who doesn't have any skills but then in art she let's her heart flow as she paint's and makes a masterpiece.

Life is Art

But life? Life is art. And that is the beauty of life. You do not know how it is going to turn out. Life, like art, is always changing. Different people provide different colors. When you make a mistake, you can go back, erase it or even paint right over it. You can change the scenery. Life, like art, is ever evolving, and what looks good to one person is of no interest to another. And that is what makes life beautiful.

By Jim Rohn