Arts and Crafts Artists

Turning your imaginations in reality!

What do we do?

Also known as sketch artists, they love to express art in different ways. There are sketchers that draw with usually only pencils and pen and shade. Painters usually paint things places such as a field, mountain, etc. Sculptors like to sculpt out shapes like pottery or body shapes or even unknown things. Either way, all these artists do it for fun!

The career of arts and crafts artist, or sketch artists, is a very fun and cool job to have

Why I'm interested

I want to become an artist because I enjoy it A LOT! I have been artist for my whole life, as far back as I can remember, and I am also completely self taught! I did not take any kind of art club or class. I like to do all these things, mostly drawing. I am also hoping I can make a painting worth selling one day!