Hey Teachers!

We ALL Live in this Community, Protect Our Watershed

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that catches rain and drains it into groundwater. You're sitting in a watershed right now!!

It's the little things that count! Here's how to start!

Car pooling/ Ride your bike

Stop polluting! All the car oil and fumes end up on the ground and when it rains all those pollutants end up in the run-off!

Reduce amounts of pesticides and herbicides in home gardens and lawns!

Here's a quick, easy recipe to start making your own organic pesticide!


Dispose of Pet Waste Properly

Pick it up! Don't let it get into our water!

Capture and use Rainwater

Re-use the water to hydrate your plants, wash your car, wash your pets!

Recycle and dispose of Household Chemicals Properly

Don't dump it down the drain! Call and ask Your Local Household Hazardous Waste Center to see when or where to drop off your Chemicals!

Use more Organic/biodegradable products

Replace your Hazardous fertilizers with compost or manure. Buy non-phosphoric soaps and detergents. Use reusable grocery bags instead of paper or plastic.

Let's All Take Action Together!