Hillary Clinton

by Logan Muska

Hillary Clinton

- Democrat

- She United States Secretary of State (2009 - 2013) · United States Senator NY (2001 - 2009)

- Running for Presidency in 2006

First Issue

“Too often, these are called women’s issues. Well, I am a proud lifelong fighter for women’s issues, because I firmly believe what’s good for women is good for America. … As far as I’m concerned, any issue that affects women’s lives and futures is a women’s issue."

Women Issues are family issues, economic issues and crucial to our future, she will be expanding opportunity for women.

She will

-work to close the pay gap meaning she will work to get men and women to get paid equally, she will work to stop the discrimination with men and women in work enviorments

-She will fight for family leave which means she will work to get working places to pay while on a family emergency

-She will work to increase the minimum wage, this could help a lot of familys struggling

-work for women reproductive rights such as abortion, and having abortion legal so its up to a women if she wants that, its up to her faith and what she believes and what her doctor suggests.

Issue 2

"We need a president who will fight for strong public schools in every ZIP code and every community across the country. I want to be that president. I want to fight for you and for educators, and for students and for families. I think they go together."

A world education for every child in every community

she will

-Support educators which she will make sure educators are well trained and mentored so they will succeed in classrooms because that is what students need to be successful in life.

-Improve students outcomes by having more people helping with the disibilitys for children and making sure each child has the resources she or he needs to become successful

-Make high quality education a priority. Hillary believes that testing provides communities with full information about how our low-income students, students of color, and students with disabilities are doing in comparison to other groups so that we can continue to improve our educational system for all students

Issue 3

We have to finally and once and for all fix our immigration system – this is a family issue, it’s an economic issue too, but it is at heart a family issue. If we claim we are for family then we have to pull together and resolve the outstanding issues around our broken immigration system. The American people support comprehensive immigration, somwhat not just because it’s the right thing to do—and it is—but because it will strengthen families, strengthen our economy, and strengthen our country. That’s why we can’t wait any longer, we can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship.

she will

- conduct immigration enforcements by making sure all immigrants are safe to enter into the US

-Do everything possible under the law to go further to protect families-Hillary will put in place a simple, straightforward, accessible system for parents of DREAMers and others with a history of service and contribution to their communities to be able to make their case and be eligible for deferred action as well.

-she wants to put a border up

My stance on Issue 1

-I believe that men and women should be treated equally

- I believe that every student should have a good education

- and immagration

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