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November Newsletter





● distinguish between elements of print including letters, words, and pictures.

● produce a word that begins with the same sound as a given pair of words.

● understanding of print directionality including left to right and top to bottom.

● separates a normally spoken four- word sentence into individual words.

ELA:Mm, Ss, Kk, Pp, Oo, Ff, Uu, Ll, Cc Family: -at, -an

SLA: Uu, Cc, Gg, Ff, Vv, Hh,J j Rimas: -una,-ama, -elo


● demonstrates use of location words

● uses language to describe concepts with the passing of time

● counts items and demonstrates the last count indicates how many items were counted. (I have 5

Problem Solving: Subtraction and Addition

(Child uses concrete models or makes a verbal word problem for subtracting 0–5 objects from a set. )


● observes investigates describes and discusses sources of energy including light, heat, and electricity.

● observes, investigates, describes and discusses earth materials and their properties and uses.

● demonstrates the importance of caring for our environment and our planet.


● identifies similarities and differences in characteristics of families.

● initiates problem- solving strategies and seeks adult help when necessary.

● identifies similarities and differences with classmates and cultural influences.

● sustains attention to personally chosen or routine (teacher-directed) tasks until completed


RLA and SLA we are focusing on Letter Sounds and Recognition for:

RLA: Ff, Oo, Kk, Jj, Pp

SLA: Ss, Nn, Dd, Ee, Uu


Shapes, Primary Colors, Patterns, Rote Counting to 5, One to One Correspondence,

Number Recognition to 5


Earth and Space

Weather and Seasons

Light and Heat Sources

Social Studies:

Personal Habits

Taking care of our bodies




Hello Crockett Family,

This month we will be moving on from motor skills to our first sport! Basketball! We did some assessments to see if our Cubs have mastered running, jumping, throwing, and catching with proper form. I am happy to report that almost 75% of them were at mastery level! I will be teaching dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense. This will take approximately 6-7 weeks and it will be fun! The children love getting to play sports at school, because they are never “too little” here! It builds confidence, social skills, and memory skills that transfer to the classroom! My hope is that they build a foundation of living healthy and enjoying being active for the rest of their lives!


Happy November, Crockett Cubs! During the month of November in Music class, we will be exploring some new things while we continue to build on some things that we already know. We’ll be talking about high and low sounds, remembering our manners and for something new: we’ll be exploring loud sounds versus soft sounds! Think about listening to a kitten purring and the sound of fireworks popping. Which sound is loud? Which sound is soft? We will be exploring this and so much more in Music this November!


We will be learning how to paint in art this month. We will be creating projects that help us learn how to hold our paintbrush correctly. We will use two different types of paint; watercolor and tempera. Our lessons will help us practice the elements of art we have learned about so far; color and line.

We will also be celebrating Native American Heritage month in November. I am a Cherokee Nation citizen and grew up in the mountains of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We will be creating a project based on a Choctaw folktale called “The Cloud Artist.” I will choose 20 student projects to display in a show at the Ed Center.


Dear Parents,


Please look over your student's vaccine records. Use the chart above to compare the number of each vaccine. If they have not received their 4 yr old vaccines, please take them to get them and send a copy to the school nurse. If your student got his vaccine over the summer, please send a copy to the school nurse


at school- ALL medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, need doctor's orders. Forms can be found on GPISD.ORG.


Monitor students' temperatures and other symptoms; students with cough, runny noses, and low-grade fevers need to stay home until they are 24 hrs

symptom-free without medication. Any questions, call Nurse Emily Torres, RN at 972 343-6206

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Hello Crockett Cub Family,

I am Ms. Pardo your School Counselor. It is my honor to support all the children and families at Crockett EES. I am working to provide students with guidance lessons, individual and small group counseling sessions. If you feel your child is in need of any social-emotional support, please fill out the counselor consultation form. The form can be found by clicking the following link:


Our vision is for all of our young learners at Crockett Early Education School to develop fundamental skills; academically, socially and emotionally at an early age so that they can succeed and find their unique and individual passion in life.


Our mission is to support our School District’s youngest learners in reaching their highest potential socially, emotionally and academically. We provide students and families with a counseling program that addresses skills and techniques that foster social, emotional, and academic growth to all children to prepare them for school readiness.

This month students will be learning about having a generous heart and expressing gratitude towards others and their own futures. As students are growing up they are discovering the things that they most enjoy doing and possibly would want to do as a career in the future. It’s important to sit down with your child and explore different things they enjoy to do.
Social and Emotional Activities tips and activities : BE KIND with a generous heart for your Future

As a family create a Thankful list of everything that you are grateful for and hang it up in your refrigerator. Having a Thankful list on your refrigerator makes it accessible for you and your family to read when maybe things are not going so well and you need to be reminded of all the goods things that as a family you’ve been blessed with.

Team up with your families and friends to gather up a bag of can goodies and donate them to your school. Donating cans to the school is a great opportunity to help other families in the community have a healthy and delicious thanksgiving dinner meal.

Share with your children a story of a time that someone helped you when you were in need and the importance of helping others and being thankful for friends and families.

Explore different careers as a family by looking at different Universities, Trade Schools and Stem Academies. Talk about the importance of choosing a career that they would most enjoy doing.




  • Nutrition Class via ZOOM (ID 842 529 8068 Passcode: gpisd) @ 1 pm English Session & @ 1:45pm Spanish Session


  • GPISD Live Experience Via Zoom @ 8:30a


  • GPISD Schools of Choice Application Opens
  • Confirmation of Enrollment Letter Goes Home


  • Canned Food Drive Competition!


  • PACT (Parent and Child Time Together) “Social Media Danger” @ 9 am English Session @ 10 am Spanish session on Zoom 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad. Presenter: Officer Almazan. Grand Prairie Police Department.m


  • PACT (Parent and Child Time Together) “Dual Language Programs in Grand Prairie ISD” @10 am on Zoom 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad


  • Confirmation of Enrollment Letters Due back to current campus


  • Family Involvement Week. See flyer for daily activities



  • PACT (Parent and Child Time Together) “Social Awareness: the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others” @10 am on Zoom 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad


  • Fall Picture Retake Day


  • Thanksgiving Break: NO SCHOOL

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Kids with PERFECT ATTENDANCE can come have fun with their teachers while parents enjoy their evening! (Students who are eligible will receive an invitation prior to the event)

January 7, 2022


Earn an invitation for your child by having PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the 2nd 9 weeks of school (October 18 to December 17). In order to receive an invite your child must.....

  • Be at school every day
  • Get to school on time (before 8:10) every day
  • Stay for the full school day (until 3:20) every day
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