Wildcat Weekly Nov.16-24th

It's National Educators Week--thanks for all you do!

Thank yous, Acknowledgement, and Applause

  1. It is National Educators Week and we are thankful for every one in this building for making a difference in our kids' lives. Monday--when you return from your EPR day, head through the front door for your afternoon snack. Wednesday, we'll have a dessert buffet in the lounge. On Friday, you can sign up for a massage for 9-1pm.
  2. This Wildcat Weekly is going to go through next Tuesday.
  3. We had a great time at the Winter Formal. A special thank you to : Michele, Michelle W., June, Tiffany, Johnnie, Amanda, Beth, Dorothy, Carol, Nick, and Susie for helping out with the dance. The kids had a great time and they looked so snazzy in their attire.
  4. A huge shout out to Johnnie and Tanyka's classrooms for their Genius Hour projects. It's extremely similar to our PBL and the students create their own passion projects. Some of the topics I learned about where: sewing, soccer, a robot made out of a toothbrush, baking cupcakes, homemade ice cream, and a math game for 5th graders. This Friday, we'll feature Nasir's song, which was part of his project, during the announcements. Man, the first round of these projects were amazing; I cannot wait to see how wonderful they look when they complete their last project later this year.
  5. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Learning Walks and/or opened up your classroom to your peers. I will record those interactions in RANDA.
  6. Kudos to 2nd grade for having over 98% attendance! Yahooooooo!

Housekeeping Items for the Week

These two weeks are going to fly!

  1. ROAR wars starts on Tuesday. Ryan will distribute the point system to you via email. Feel free to share it with your students.
  2. Just a reminder to make certain you are picking up your students from the cafeteria three minutes before the end of your lunch time.
  3. I also challenge all of you to have lunch with your class prior to Thanksgiving break. I know they truly love having you sit in the cafeteria and eat with them.
  4. Please have your leaves and cards turned into Shelly as soon as possible. They are for a project.
  5. Our literacy folks will be pulling data Monday afternoon. Are your results in? Ryan sent a gentle reminder last week.
  6. READ plans, READ plans, READ plans...need I say more?
  7. SCIENCE LEARNING WALK THIS WEEK! Laurie Wilkes will be building Wednesday from 9:30-1:30pm.
  8. Dorothy has sign up sheets in the lounge for our holiday baskets for needy families. Feel free to still sign up.
  9. The money for the holiday party is due to Dorothy by December 5th. I am looking forward to use having a good time and appreciate the Social Committee putting this together.
  10. PARCC results are out folks. As soon as we receive the data, I will share it with you and we'll finalize our SLOs.
  11. Our Wednesday PD will be in the media center. Make sure you are ready to dialogue with your peers.
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