Beer, Football, and Brownie Points

Grey Cup Party!

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Never Fear I Have you Covered!




How do you earn Brownie Points you ask? I'll be providing the beer, chili and Grey Cup Football. I am also going to offer you the opportunity to get your Holiday shopping done for all the women in your life (mother, daughter, wife/girlfriend, niece, kid's teacher, babysitter, sister, gal pals, clients, staff) without you even having to lift a finger!

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

All women like jewelry, purses, scarves, wallets and/or accessories and Stella & Dot offers a huge line of all these things! I can get wish lists, and let you know exactly what they want or I can help you choose something. We can ship it to my place and I will do all the wrapping and deliver it to you too! Seriously, you won't have to do any work.

Did I mention FREE beer, chili, and Grey Cup Football? Stop by for a bit or stay for the whole game. Your call.

Check out the collection ahead of time:

See you soon!


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Gift Cards...

That's right, we have gift cards! If you are not sure what piece someone would like you can get them a gift card! So easy and so great! Great for all your gift giving needs....clients, staff, teachers, family & friends! Plus I have them at the house so no waiting for delivery!

A Price Point for Everyone!

Gifts starting as low as $14.00 and of course, the sky is the limit! So many options and a peek of just a few below.

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Shopping at 50% off!

That's right! Take advantage of November's fabulous Trunk Show Exclusive Offers and earn extra brownie points or simply cross another person off of your list.

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10% of any purchases made will be donated to the Movember cause! Should you personally be participating and raising funds, the 10% of your purchase will be made directly to your efforts.

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Grey Cup Party

Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013 at 8pm

26 Coe Hill Dr

Toronto, ON

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