Cale's Day Care Center

Bring Your Child Here. To Our "Trustful" Staff

Our Staff

Only one of our staff members has been to the big house (A.K.A prison). It didn't involve children except one time so your child should be safe. Our "trustful" staff will make sure your children come out in at most two pieces. You get to pick which person gets to watch your child. To the right is kids favorite sitter Eddy. They think he is Santa. But if you pick Eddy beware you may pick your child up and he or she may be digested. He is always hungry.

Our Awesome Staff


This is Kathy she is the type of person that would consume your child's soul. She loves to make scary noises and play hide and seek with the kids. The kids love when she tickles them, but that gets them off guard, then she eats there soul. We hired her because we needed staff. We didn't find her in a dark alley. But we did find her in a persons house consuming their soul.


This is Bethany the kids love her because she is like a trampoline. The kids also love her because she is like a big giant pillow. Beware though because she sweats when she breathes and never showers so when the kids get home you might want to check for infections and or fungus.


This is Sam. She is our employee of the month because of how many kids voted for her. She likes to feed the kids, she feeds them snacks like boogers. They are a high source of protein and they taste great to the kids. She likes to give them popsicles made of sweat and the kids love it.


This is Razer.