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Free Code Transfer Released!

Last week Siemens released our new free code transfer. This transfer is directed towards those using Rockwell Automation. Making the switch to Siemens is both cost efficient and time efficient. For more information about the free code transfer visit
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Siemens Invites CRJH to Topgolf

Thursday, March 3rd, 11:45am-1:45pm

1030 Memorial Brook Boulevard

Houston, TX

Hello fellow Siemens employees,

On March 3, 2016 we will invite the Cinco Ranch Junior High students to Top Golf. These students have been meeting with oil and gas market development manager Chintan Patel. They have been designing products, creating ads, and crafting articles to help Siemens connect with the younger generation. Topgolf was the chosen location not only for the opulent golfing experience and astounding gourmet food, but this provides an opportunity to display our PLCs that have helped Topgolf rise to the top of the golfing industry By doing this we hope to connect with these junior high students and show them all the great things you can achieve if you have a positive mindset and determination.

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The Next Industrial Revolution

CEO Joe Kaeser believes Siemens is on the brink of an industrial revolution. Very few companies have survived as many revolutions as Siemens has. The company was recently valued around 100 billion dollars, and that total is projected to increase in the near future. Siemens has taken over the technology field with developments of 3D printing and mass customization. According to Kaeser the company's digital growth will keep Siemens on top for years to come.
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Thank You Michael Marshall!

We would like to recognize Michael Marshall as he enters his 20th year with the Siemens family. Michael has provided the company with several innovative ideas and had helped achieve the highest level of success. Also we love your cheerful attitude that you have everyday. Thank you Michael for all you have done for us the last two decades. We look forward to the coming years with you on our team.

-Siemens Family

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