Best Car Ever


Will the egg break when the car crashes?


I think the egg will not break when car crashes!


Speed- the rate of how fast something going

Force- physical action or movement

Inertia- a property of matter

Acceleration- increase rate of speed

Friction- Resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another

Momentum- the quantity of motion

Potential Energy- energy that is still and doesn't move

Kinetic Energy- energy in motion


First you take a piece of cardboard. Then bend another piece over it and glue it. Then glue on side doors with more cardboard. Next put screws in cardboard with wheels. What I used for wheels was bottle caps. Next I cut out little circle in cardboard and I glued it in middle of car for the egg. Last I cut out some windows to car and put see through sheet over windows and glued it. Then you have your perfect egg car!!!!


My graph says that my car go not that far and it takes more time to go far!!
Big image


My car keep the egg safe from crash!!!