Becoming an Astronaut

how you can become an Astronaut

Getting trained

astronaut need to get trained before going off to space and have proffesional degrees. there are 2 different type of training like as -basic training and typical training
  • History of Space Flight
  • International Space Station System
  • Human Behaviour and Performance
  • Public Speaking and Media Relations
  • Survival Training (summer and winter)

What are some skills that astronauts need to know

astronauts have to know mechanism ,science, technisions and pros at knowing the past and present for space or astronauts
Meet DEXTER, the worlds first space robot !

what is dextre and why do astronauts need to know about dextre?

Dexter is a two armed robot which is part of the mobile serving system on the iss and does repairs.otherwise requiring space walk.astronauts need to know the technology of Dexter to repair if only huge is possible for twitches in the dexter .

What are some challenges that Astronauts face in space everyday and what are the solutions

how do they get food?

In the old days of space travel astronauts had to suck on dehydrated, paste like food from straws ,out off tubes.Now days astronauts eat food as they do on earth.

how do they wash their hair?

astronauts don t have regular shower stands like we do on earth.they squirt water on their scalps and put no rinse shampoo but few bubbles of water do go away. and did you know girls hair are longer so, their hair stand upward in space.

Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen


By: Areeb and Anusti