Kathy's Going Green!

She cleans with just WATER?!! Come see how!

Just under a week to go!

Interested in learning how to clean your house with just water, save tons of time and save lots of money?!

Then join us in learning about Norwex! This product is amazing and has literally changed my life! I feel silly saying a cleaning product has changed my life but Norwex is just simply that amazing! Norwex can help you simplify your cleaning routine, eliminate your chemical closet, get your kids or hubby involved in the cleaning process and be excited about it!

Spring into Green Cleaning with Kathy!

Friday, June 12th, 9-9:45pm

This is an online event.

This is not your normal party! This is fun, fast, interactive, and easy...and it's all done online! No need to get a babysitter or even leave your house! We have created an event page on Facebook as a way to share some fun and educational information about the products and start some conversation prior to the actual party. If you have a Facebook account, head on over to Kathy's Event Page and RSVP so that you can get in on the fun! If you are not on Facebook, no worries! Take a look around the website and let us know if you would like to have the posts and pictures e-mailed to you. I LOVE to share my passion for chemical-free cleaning with others!

Party Agenda

9:00-9:10 Roll Call and Norwex 101

9:10-9:20 Virtual Product Demonstration

9:20-9:35 Retail Therapy! and Exclusive Party Specials

9:35-9:45 Door Prize and Closing

A Day in the Life...of a NORWEX'd home

About Your Consultant


I am a mother of 3 young children and a wife of 10 years to an amazing Air Force man. By day, I am a physical therapist working in the public school system supporting children with disabilities. In my free time, I love getting to share the gift of Norwex with others and help them create Safe Havens of their own!

I was exposed to Norwex about a year before I became a consultant. A colleague of mine (and my current mentor) posted something on Facebook about becoming a consultant. As always, I steered clear of her sales pitch. Fast forward a year later, by accident she posted again about Norwex products...this time a video entitled "Norwex in a Nutshell". I decided to watch the video. Since it was on YouTube, similar videos were recommended for me after the first one ended. I decided to watch another...then another. Two hours later, I was still watching videos and I was SOLD! It was midnight when I texted my friend and told her to "sign me up". She was confused and asked, "What do you mean? You want to host a party?" I said, "No, I want to become a consultant! I can't wait to tell everyone about this great product!" She replied, "But you haven't even touched or tried anything yet. Can I at least send you a cloth to try out?" "Yeah, sure! Just tell me how I get started!"

So why did I fall in love with Norwex? I LOVED the idea of a reusable, durable product that I could clean my entire house by using only water! I LOVED the idea of no longer needing to buy window cleaner, sanitizing wipes, furniture polish, chemical-based bathroom and floor cleaners, and facial cleansers! I LOVED the idea of using less disposable paper towels, which always seemed like such a waste. Most of all, I LOVED that Norwex and I share common values and priorities of personal health and the wellbeing of the environment. Norwex saves me money and time! I know my surfaces are actually getting cleaned and I don't have to worry about my kids getting exposed to any toxic chemicals as a result of me cleaning.

I'm just so excited to share a healthier, cheaper, easier alternative with all of you! Thanks again for reading my story, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Amber Lawrence

Independent Sales Consultant