All About Oceans

All About The Purple Spotted Fish

The Purple spotted fish lives in the deep part of the ocean so the red fish wont eat them . They eat ducks and animals animal by the shore that where they like to go and eat.

All About The Anemone fish

The Anemone fish can be call clown-fish. They live nestled among in the bay then it eats butterfly fish the Anemone fish can't live without it host.

All About The Rock Fish

The Rock fish live on the rocks in the deep ocean .The boy fish have a big red spout on it side. They eat little fish another fish.

Ocean Plants

All About Phytoplankton

The phytoplankton can be found in the deep part of the Ocean they grow ever where. Star fish like to eat it for food they don't need sun. They make there food with the ocean sand and plants.

All About Aquatic

They live on a lily pad they need sun to live if not they diy aed fall in the ocean and fish eat it. Frog like to sit on them and eat bugs. This plant drink the ocean water.

All About Sea Weed

Fish like to eat sea weed and like to hide in it so they can't get eater by another fish. Sea weed is found by rocks most of the time.