iOS Learning APPS

Kindergarten to Grade 12


Quizlet is an app that allows students and teachers to make flashcards and simple study tools. Students can study on the go as well as play games to study. This tool is excellent for all learning styles and helps improve students study habits.


Toontastic allows students to create stories based on cartoon characters. This makes the creation of stories fun and simple and it links informal and formal learning. Students can record animation and voice to create cartoon videos.


Glogster is an interactive app where students can create, browse and share glogs. Students have access to a library of resources for learning.


Slate2Learn is an app where students can write, draw and tape. This app allows students to take notes, record lectures,embed videos and images. All of these can be shared amongst peers which creates an interactive mode of learning. It is a way great way for students to stay updated, especially if they are away.


Mathboard is an app that is excellent for all school aged students. This app allows teachers to setup the app to meet the abilities of the student. Mathboard encourages students not to just guess at answers, but problem solve. This is done by giving multiple choice answers to chose from. It also shows the steps that are necessary to solve the problem/