Come to Mesopotamia

The Cradle of Civilization

First come to Sumer!

Sumer is a place between the 2 rivers,the Euphrates River and the Tigris River.Large cities lined the two rivers and many advances took place.Sumer was conquered by a king named Sargon.Sumerians were the first to migrate.They made many types of technology such as the wheel,plow and cuneiform,a type of writing.They created sewers,makeup and jewelry.They created natural medicine for different plants.
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Next,come to Akkadia

Akkadia is located in the northern part of Ancient Mesopotamia.Before Akkadia was ruled by many rulers but now they only have one ruler.The name 'Akkad' was chosen by one of the emperor named Sargon.The kings maintained their power by giving the throne to their first-born child.Sargon installed the first dynasty in Akkadia.
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Babylonia is one of the places that had an interesting history.Babylonia was ruled by a man named Hammurabi.He was a strict ruler who had 284 laws.He would carved them on man-size stone called stele and tablets.He would place them all around Babylonia for his people to remember them.These rules were given by the gods to Hammurabi.They created large buildings and started architecture.Babylonia was the first place to have 200,000 civilized people.
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Now come to Assyria

Assyria was an independent kingdom for 19 centuries from 25 century BC to 605 BC.A ruler named kikkiya was overthrown by Puzur-Ashur I who started a new dynasty that lasted for 216 years.Illushuma took the thrown in 2008 BC.Assyrians were well-known for the cruelty in fighting.They invented locks and keys so they were the first to use it.Assyrian's had one of the largest army anyone has ever seen.They were an intelligent civilization.
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Chaldea or Neo-Babylonia

Finally,come to Chaldea AKA Neo-Babylonia.Chaldeans have migrated from the poor southeastern part of Mesopotamia to southern Mesopotamia.They created the Sun Dial,a tool used to know time before modern watches.They also created the 7 day week.They had the hanging gardens.
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