GAVS Personal Fitness (White)

Parent Bi-Monthly Bulletin (February-Issue #2)

Welcome to GAVS Personal Fitness

Your child is currently enrolled in my Georgia Virtual School Personal Fitness class this spring. This course is designed to develop awareness of the need for good health habits. Students are encouraged to apply this knowledge to their lifestyle and make adjustments to insure better health now and in the future. I look forward to working with your child.

General Information

Off to a good start!!!

Everyone has official started in my Personal Fitness class this spring. Please remind your child to log into GAVS daily and stay on top of their assignments. Students are allowed and are encouraged to work ahead. I want everyone be successful this semester!

Pacing guides for each of these start dates are on the class homepage. Your child is strongly encouraged to print this document out and save for their reference so they can complete assignments correctly and on time. If you would like a copy of this pacing guide, please email me and I can email you a copy that corresponds to your child's schedule. The class policies can be found in the class syllabus which is also available for download on the class website. Late policies will be enforced on all assignments.

Reminder of Important Information

  • Students need to log into GAVS and visit my class homepage DAILY. Failure to do so can adversely affect their grade as they will not stay on track with current information or assignments.
  • Students will have workouts to complete WEEKLY. The type of workout is completely up to the student. The amount of time and intensity is predetermined and spelled out in the class pacing guide. Workouts must be submitted to the dropbox every Sunday by midnight.
  • Adobe Connect Sessions which are live chats which allow interaction between teacher and students weekly. Sessions for this class are every Wednesday at 9PM. Links to access the chat can be found on the class homepage. These sessions cover content for the class as well as allow students to ask questions to improve their success in the class. Sessions are recorded and students can access them at anytime from the class homepage.
  • Schoolcast will call every Wednesday to give you an update on your child's grade in the class. Per GAVS policy I cannot email you information about your child's grade, but can converse with you via phone only.
  • If your child is having issues with their HRM, please contact Polar directly as I am not equipped to handle those issues. Polar Technical Support is open Monday-Friday 8-5pm only and can be reached at 800-227-1314 ext 4013

My Bio

• I have been teaching in a face-to-face classroom for nine years. Three years in private school and six years in public school.

• I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia and have lived here most of my life.

• I am a certified personal trainer. I have a passion for lifting weights and helping others reach their fitness goals.

How to Contact Me:

1. Email: I will check my email at least once each day. Email is my preferred method of communication and I will respond to all emails promptly.

2. Pager: This communication only works when I am online but feel free to contact me using the page icon at the top of your screen. (This can be used by students only)

3. Phone Calls: I am available for phone calls Monday through Thursday from 6:30-9pm. If I do not answer the phone, please leave me a message and I will call you back within 24 hours. My phone number is 770-714-6075. Please respect the hours I am available to take phone calls. I will not answer my phone outside of these hours.