Solar Energy

By Micah Martinez and Gideon Richie

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is energy that is collected from the sun via solar panels. Solar energy is a renewable resource, which means that we will never run out of it.

How is Solar energy formed?

Solar rays are collected by solar panels. The solar rays are converted into electricity of into heat that can be used in heating systems.

How is Solar energy used?

Solar energy can be used to power homes, certain types of cars and many other things. Solar energy can also be used in heating systems.
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What are advantages to using Solar energy?

Solar energy doesn't produce pollutants or carbon dioxide when used. When solar panels are placed it has minimal impact. You can install solar panels on your roof that can power your house instead to lessen the fossil fuels used.

What are disadvantages to using solar energy?

Not every place gets a lot of sunlight and the sun isn't out 24 hours a day. Some solar panels are made with hazardous liquids.

Where can you find solar energy?

You can collect solar energy from any place on the surface of the earth, but most solar energy collecting plants are built in place that get lots of sunlight.

Are there any harmful effects to using solar energy?

Most solar panels are made with a harmful liquid. Solar energy collecting plants could be placed where wild life live and they would have to move to another area. Luckily solar energy is a renewable resource and we will never run out of it.
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