Selling House

Awesome features included!

Our New House Is Available!

It has tons of features that can help you so you don't have to do work! Whatever you need the house/iBots will help you. Even whenever you need it, its just one click away! Remember whatever and whenever! One click away! :D

Purchase it now! $732,999!

This is a limited time offer! This amazing house will be sold soon, its an amazing deal for $732,999! It is on sale until June 7, 2094. Their is almost 2 weeks left on the deal so get it while you can!


It does chores.

It entertains you.

It assists you.

It cooks.

It remodels the house.

Additional Pictures!

The best house ever made!

Questions & Answers!

Knowing more about the house before purchasing is great idea! Reading this will explain more about the product!

Q: What is unique about the house?

A: This house has all of the latest technology built in, it can do just about anything for you whenever you need it.

Q: How is it different from the other houses?

A: It is the newest model with the newest technological advances.

Q: Who was it made by?

A: It was made by the iBot construction workers.

We are Bot Inc.

We have created all of the iBots that we use today, their are special made ones for certain jobs. Even certain ones for families that need help around the house. Our company started January 11, 2072. We have been growing ever since and we are now in year 2094 and still growing.