French & Indian War

View point from the Indians

French & Indian Teammates

The French fought with the natives of The New World against Great Britain starting in 1754-1763. The war became a world wide affair in 1756 which is why it is also called the "7 Year War"


The war was fought primarily for land control in the New World, as well as control over rivers.

Big Roles in the war

The Indians!

The British Win

Turn Out

The outcome was that France ceded French Louisiana west of the Mississippi River to its ally Spain in compensation for Spain's loss to Britain of Florida. France's colonial presence north of the Caribbean was reduced to the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. This outcome made Britain the most dominant power in Northern America

Impact on America

The largest impact was that Britain took over as the superpower in North America giving them the rights to Canada as well as many ports and trade routes. Also, for the Native American Tribes many things were changed. The British were angry with the fact that they allied with the French, so, they cut off all supplies to them. Then, they forcibly made them follow the rules of the "Mother Country". After the French was gone all of Britain's attention was focused on the Native Americans.