Martin DeLeon

Mexican Empresario of Texas

By: Faith Rogers

He married

In 1795 he married Patricia de la Garza. He settled in Cruillas, Nuevo Santander where they began ranchers. He established a ranch between Chiltipin Creek and the Aransas River, stocked it with cattle, horses, mules, and goats that he brought from Mexico, and enclosed several leagues of land with a brush fence in an effort to corral and domesticate mustangs. He and his wife founded the town of Victoria in 1824.


A Mexican empresario who settled 200 Mexican families in South Texas. Martin was the only Mexican empresario out of all of the empresarios. He had been born in Nuevo Santander in 1765. His family was of great wealth. he became a merchant and supplier of provisions to the miners of Real de San Nicolás after declining to take school in Paris or France.

He joined.

In 1790 he joined the Fieles de Burgos regiment, organized by Mexican viceroy Juan Vicente Guernes Pacheco as a defense against Indians in Nuevo Santander.