2nd Grade News

March 2017

Student Achievement:

During the month of February we have worked on noticing how authors play with words and when language has two meanings. The children love to find phrases that have literal meanings and idiomatic meanings such as “hit the road” or “raining cats and dogs.” During Independent Reading the students use sticky notes to identify playful language in their own books. They are then able to share their findings collaboratively with their partners.

This month the children learned to represent multi-digit numbers in a variety of forms. The children used place value blocks to build three digit numbers. They also learned how to write their numbers in expanded, standard and word forms. The children used manipulatives to count and compare numbers. Several activities on Gynzy and Smart Exchange also provided creative opportunities for hands on exploration of place value.

Engagement and Collaboration:

Using Front Row, an online Math and Language Arts program, has proven to be very engaging. The students are able to practice skills at their individual learning level and earn coins as they go. They then get to use the coins to “buy” things at the Front Row store. Many children tell me that they use Front Row at home, too!

Second graders have continued to use Google Classroom to complete independent activities. Students have been working on reading a shared assignment and writing an informational paragraph. The students type their information into a Google Doc and use the “turn in” button when complete. The students have grown leaps and bounds during their independent writing time using technology.

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