Reformation Act Of 1837

American Imperialism Activity


  • The Reconstruction Acts of 1867 were the restructuring of government in the south. Under the reconstruction acts the southern states were under law divided into 5 zones under a brigadier general or higher. It also demanded the dissolution of the black codes and any laws created in the south similar in nature, and the adoption of the 14th amendment by southern states.


  • The Reconstruction Acts were a result of the South's oppression of African American rights and the South's non compliance with newer policies and because of confederate views they held.
  • The Reconstruction Acts hosted the Second Martial law during times of peace within U.S. Borders
  • The Reconstruction Acts are an example of what the U.S. Has gone through to guarantee the equity that we currently know of today. Had the U.S. not taken action and imposed the Reconstruction Acts it would have taken longer to get rid of the black codes which would mean that it would have taken even longer to reach the point of equal rights and just treatment.