Analyzing Viola


Viola's Identity is a girl that is struggling to find her place. She's trying to be a person she isn't. Viola is confused about her personality. She is struggling to find the right person to help her time of need. Viola is stressing to fit in in the crowd she's not supposed to be in. But at the story she figures out that she's her own person and doesn't need to change for the other people who want to see her fail.


Viola is a girl probable early 20s late teens. She is going through the stage where people are judging. She's at the mental state of let me prove you wrong and doesn't want to be that person that is not up to date with everyone. Shes at the understanding that she is not going to always get everyones approval. She also struggles to have the feeling for duke show.


My perception of Viola is that she wants to fit in with the crowd she thinks fits her to the standards of herself is fitting to her. the only person she is trying to impress is orsino. By himbeing the head honcho.

similarities and diff

The similarities me and viola share is the power to be true to the people we find ourselves caring about. We both share the qualities of us being outgoing and not wanting the worst for people. The differences we have is she she's sees the good in everybody and never wants to look at the negatives.

Viola (Movie)

Viola is a girl who finds herself being stuck in a predicament. Viola is on the soccer team and see's herself being good enough to make it big. But her mother see's her being a girly girl something she doesn't want to be. But overall she just wants to do the thing she loves the most. That is playing soccer.


Viola is a girl that play soccer an thinks that girls can compare to boys in the different qualities. But she mostly see's herself being better then the boys and can easily be on the boys soccer team.


My perception of viola in the movie. Is a girl who tries her hardest and just want to do the things she loves the most and doesn't want anyone to kill her dreams. The things that change her from other character is she doesn't let any one discourage her and refuses to be normal.

Similaraties and Differences (Movie)

The similarities we both show is the love for our sports and we both want to make our families proud at what we do and not what some one makes us do. The differences we have is she is more persistent about her grades. She goes to drastic measures to be one of the guys when she's not.