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Anti-Bullying Message

Congratulations to Sabrin, in 3CD in 2015, the winner of our anti-bullying poster competition winner of 2015. This talented young lady has produced a very emotive piece of work, that shows how the person being bullied feels. Her message of "It stops with me!" is highlighted by the stop sign in the middle of the text.
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Breakfast Club

FPS has a breakfast club 5 mornings per week. Monday - Friday near the canteen. Mornings can be a busy time but starting the day right is important. A healthy breakfast can help your child learn and concentrate better throughout the day, reduce unhealthy snacking and provide nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Try these top tips for encouraging your kids to eat breakfast everyday:

  • - wake your child up in plenty of time for school
  • - agree to a few healthy brekky options that kids can choose from
  • - eat breakfast with your kids
  • - get ready for the morning by putting out plates, bowls and cutlery the night before
  • - toast, cereal, fruit and yoghurt are quick and easy ideas


Our canteen is open 5 days per week. Check out the school website to see the full menu and canteen meal deals. http://www.fairfield-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/our-school/canteen

Happy Valentines Day

We hope everyone enjoyed Valentines Day on Sunday 14 February. I certainly enjoyed the chocolate that my children gave me to show their love. Of course parents and children show their love in a variety of ways. The small conversations we have about school and what happened during the day is one small way. My favourite questions are "What was the best thing about today?" and "What was one thing that you remember talking to your teacher about today?"


Just a reminder that students must be at school by 9am when the bell goes. If students arrive after that bell then they are late and this is recorded. Starting Wednesday 10 February - if students arrive between 9am and 9.10am then they go straight to class and the classroom teacher will record the lateness on SENTAL. If students arrive after 9.10 am then they must report to the office and receive a late slip.

Meet the Parent Afternoon

Thank you to all the parents who turned up this afternoon to attend our “Meet the Parent” afternoon. Many parents braved the hot weather and joined their children in classrooms to meet their child's teacher. Chilled bottles of water were given out at the end of the afternoon and parents and students were able to meet some of our lovely support teachers and the deputy and principal.

Permission to Publish

Every year we ask parents to update student permission to publish forms. This permission allows the school to celebrate children work and achievement through a variety of ways including our school Facebook page and Twitter feed. Please fill in your forms & get them back to your child's teacher soon as you can. If you have lost the form or could not make the Meet the Parent afternoon the form is available through the skoolbag app or on our website. Click on the link to download it and return it to your child's teacher.


Did you know that children need 1-1.5 litres of fluid per day. Although some of this can come from the food they eat, most of it should come from drinking water. It’s important to drink even more water on hot days and during exercise when water is lost as sweat. Regular tap water is safe to drink, our bubblers are open during the day for students to use, tap water contains fluoride to help protect teeth from decay, and is also available on the oval from the blue bubbler. Best of all it is FREE! Please make sure you pack a water bottle every day for school and save your family from unwanted costs.