Miracle's Spring Newsletter

Getting Attached, Getting Mobile, and Getting Out

Watch out World Here Comes Miracle

The spring started with beautiful weather and Miracle’s First 5K National African American Breast Cancer Walk/Run. Equipped with her sun screen, jogging suit, music player, and shades we hit the streets of downtown Houston as Miracle sang along with her favorite Gospel songs. Miracle is really starting to show her personality as she very popular and even a leader in her class at daycare.

Miracle has had several milestones over the last few months as she is crawling, mimicking words, blowing kisses, waving good-bye, “winking” her eyes, clapping, dancing with music, and trying to walk.

Miracle has been on several outings as the weather got warmer. She took pictures in a field of bluebonnets, went to story time at the library, fishing a few times with her Barbie fishing rod, had her first Easter egg hunt, and even “helped” plant a garden at home (although she played with the dirt as we worked). She really loves music attending her first Motown Review at the Miller Outdoor Theater as she clapped and danced with the music. .

Miracle had a brief visit with her mom following the permanency court hearing late April at the juvenile detention center in Houston. In the permanency conference weeks earlier we learned that Miracle’s mom didn’t have any personal care items in the RTC, and took her a personal and hygiene care package during the visit. Two scheduled visits with Miracle’s mom in San Antonio were cancelled the day prior for unknown reasons.

Miracle had a visit with her mom at the RTC in San Antonio in June. Miracle had twice as many bottles during her visit than she normally has in a day. Her daycare provider reported her diaper was wet and leaking when she was dropped off at daycare by her social worker. Over the next few days Miracle cried to be held if she didn’t see us in her sight, threw sporadic tantrums, and only fell asleep if she was being rocked. She woke up over next few nights screaming and standing up in her crib to be held. After a few days, Miracle was back to her normal and independent routine.

The bond we share with Miracle continues to get stronger by the day. The moment we step in her presence, Miracle’s face lights up, she claps, jumps and extends her hands up to be picked up. She loves hugs and exploring and has been more mobile as she even started crawl/walking. We have seen so much growth in Miracle over the last few months. She makes it easy to love and cherish the relationship and bond we have and continuing to build with Little Miss Miracle.