Vol. 1, Issue 3: April 19, 2021

DYK.... we have thousands of eBooks and audiobooks?

All SMUSD students and teachers have access to Sora, a student eBook and audiobook platform from Overdrive.

The SMUSD Sora library is currently very limited, so the district has partnered with the San Diego County Library to provide access to the county's digital collections via Sora.

Follow along below to login to Sora and add the San Diego County Library to your account for access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks!

Step 1: Login to Sora

Visit www.soraapp.com or download the app, "Sora by Overdrive".

Click "Find my school".

Search for "San Marcos Unified", click "This is my school".

Step 2: Log in with Stoneware

After selecting "San Marcos Unified", click on "Log in with Stoneware". A Clever account is required for access to Sora. All students and teachers have Clever accounts. Unable to log in? Contact Mrs. Diaz and she can help troubleshoot or get you signed up for Clever.

Enter your SMUSD username and password, the same log in credentials you use to log in to a school computer.

Step 3: Add a library

You're in! You now have access to Sora. The SMUSD Sora library is currently very limited so to make the most of Sora, you must add a library.

Under "Explore" (top left of Sora home page), click on drop-down menu called "San Marcos Unified School District". Click on the green button that says "Add a library".

It will ask you to search for a library. Search for "San Diego County Library". Once found, click on "This is my library". You've now added the SDCL digital collections to your account!

Step 4: Explore Sora!

Check-outs in Sora are for 2 weeks at a time. You may return books early, however Sora will also automatically remove expired titles from your account when they are due. This means that Sora books cannot be late, cannot be damaged, and cannot be lost!

Use the "Explore" tab at the bottom of your screen to search for books.

Your loans, holds, list, and account history information are found in "Shelf".

To access settings, go to the menu symbol (three black bars) in the top right corner of your screen, a new side tab will open, go to "General Settings". You can change the text display to Dyslexic font or high contrast, change the language settings, and device setting (Sora is Kindle compatible).

Questions about Sora? Want a class tour/tutorial? Contact Mrs. Diaz!