Faculty Website Update - April '15

Let's do this thing

The Future is Bright

We have been moving at a break-neck pace to prepare the new website which will be in full swing for the upcoming school-year.

To prepare for this transition many people within SAS have been instrumental in helping build-out the new system. Some feedback we've heard from these folks has included:

  • "It is SO MUCH EASIER!"
  • "It is SO INTUITIVE"
  • "This is going to make teachers work-lives SO MUCH BETTER"

As a reminder, this new system is built using software from a company called Whipple Hill. It will replace everything that currently happens after you login, including:

  • course pages
  • grade book
  • grade reporting
  • attendance
  • official notes (aka InForm alerts)
  • and more!

Here is a brief update on what's coming and some events to plan for.

Website Trailblazers

A brave group of your fellow faculty called the Website Trailblazers have been working in a "sandbox" version of the new website to test out the functionality and offer suggestions for improvements.

The Website Traiblazers will be available to you to answer questions as you begin to use the new system. Look for their snazzy Website Trailblazer shirts!

Upcoming Training Sessions

(1) Summer Send-Off : June 1

On Monday June 1, which is an in-service day, we will have an all-faculty training that will explain how to access the new system, and give instruction on how to begin setting up your Course Pages for next year.

(2) Course Page Parties: June 2, July 15, August 12

As per the Division Heads, all faculty members will be required to attend at least one of three Course Page Parties that will be offered over the summer. These will be more general working sessions, with some instruction to help you get your course pages set up.

Sign-up now for one of these three sessions

(3) Pre-Service Training: August

During our pre-service days before classes begin we will host trainings and offer resources to bring you up to speed on how to use the pieces of our new system that you'll need for the first day of class.

Ongoing Support

Throughout this process you will have many avenues of support, including:

  • Training Sessions
  • Online Resources
  • Email Support
  • Access to members of the Website Trailblazers and the full Technology Department
  • and more!

Moving Forward

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Matt directly. In the meantime, please sign-up for one of this summer's Course Page Parties.

We're looking forward to a simpler and better experience for all!