Million Dollar Goal By Dan Gutman

Aiden Olenjack #17 Block 3


This story takes place in a hockey arena in Montreal, Canada in a present time. An effect on the characters was that that it was cold and snowy but perfect for hockey. In the hockey arena there was a loud atmosphere which could have distracted the shooter when they were shooting for one million dollars. When Dusk took the shot he was nervous because he was on the ice alone and standing in front of thousands of people. This was a once in a lifetime chance for him and the there was a lot of pressure on him. A good effect was that nothing bad would happen if he missed the shot.


Dawn Rosenburg: she is the sister that that acts like a boy in front of her parents but when she is around her friends she acts like a normal girl. She is also Dusk's twin. She is very laid back and nice. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and is tall. Protagonist
Dusk Rosenburg: The brother who is more of the violent type of boy but is still nice. He is also Dawn's twin. He is the one who gets to take the shot. He has short blond hair and brown eyes and is tall. Protagonist
Oma: She is the foul mouthed grandmother of the twins who has a chance to take the shot, but gets hurt playing hockey with the twins. She is old, fragile and a bit overweight, she has curly grey hair and blue eyes. Antagonist

Conflict and Plot

The conflict is man vs man because the twins entered a contest and won so Dawn and Dusk are competing to see who is better at shooting, the best one of the two will get to take the shot for the million dollar contest.
Exposition: Dawn and Dusk Rosenburg, Oma, and Dad
Conflict: The twins enter a contest and win because there name was drawn so Oma had a chance to shoot but she got hurt playing with the twins
Rising Action: Because Oma got hurt one of the twins got to shoot for one million dollars
Climax: The twins had to compete to see who the better shooter is. Dusk won the competition so he gets to shoot for one million dollars.
Falling Acton: Dusk took the shot but missed by only by a couple of inches.
Resolution: The twins went home and live there lives but the missed shot haunted them for the next couple of months.


The theme of this book is that if you work your hardest you don't always get the result you want but you still know that you tried. My textual evidence is ''The twins got better after they missed the shot but they will always know that they tried.'' Another lesson that you could learn from this book is that sometimes you aren't meant for things.

Book Recommendation

I enjoyed this book because it is about one of my favorite sports. I recommend this to anybody who likes sports in particular hockey. It also has a good theme and conflict. It also has a surprise at the end that I thought was very shocking. If you like funny books this book has a character (Oma) that is very funny.This book was very exiting to me so I hope many others like this book.