Ipad Apps

By Luke


Imovie is an app where you can create a slidshow of the thing you want to show. You can add your own music or you can use the music they have. If you want to you can create a movie trailer of a certain topic like cyber bullying. You can change the back round or the theme and you can add your own pictures. You can even record your voice.


Garageband is where you can create your own song or music. They provide music from instruments and then you can record your own voice to say or sing whatever you want. It has instruments like the guitar, drums, maracas, vocals, and percussion. You can change your voice into different things like a chipmunk or a robot


In Fotobbable you can choose four pictures and put them in what ever layout you want. You can then add words to them to make it seem like they were talking. You can have six pictures, you can have four pictures, you can have almost any amount. You can write what ever you want. And the good part is, the app is FREE!

Haiku Deck

With Haiku Deck you can Make a slideshow of a specific topic. You can choose your theme and your back round. This is a good website for students do presentations on. A more fun way to do a presentation for sure. You can change the font, the color of the back round and the font size. It has everything.