Worksheet N° 1 Internet and its history

What is TCP /IP?

Multiple protocols tied together into one thing that is call TCP/IP. The main protocols in this set are the TCP(Transmission control protocol) and IP (Internet Prtocol). Make posible services like, FTP, email, and others in computers that do not belong tho the same network.


Created by Vinton Cerf and Robert E. Kahn, in the 1970s. It was introduced in ARPANET, the first wide area network (WAN), made by DARPA, an agency of the United States Department of Defense, and the predecessor of the Internet.

DARPA then was hired by BBN Technologies, Stanford University, and the University College London (UCL) to develop operational versions of the protocol on different hardware platforms.

They developed four different versions: TCP v1, TCP v2, a third divided in two: TCP v3 and IP v3 ,and then the TCP / IP v4 version : protocol that is still in use on Internet.

Several different prototypes of TCP / IP protocols were developed in many research centers between 1978 and 1983.

In March 1982, the United States Department of Defense declared the TCP / IP standard protocol for communications between networks militares.11 In 1985, the "Internet Management Centre" organized a " Workshop "for three days, attended by 250 merchants. This promote the protocol, which contributed to increased of itscommercial use.


Is a protocol that control rounting of information to differents computers or devices in the network.It deals with IP adresses, subnetmask etc.

Allows two computers to figure out where the other is, so they can start communication. IP is a Routable Protocol; this means that the networks are divided into subnetworks and that each network must have a router which permited the device interact with another subnetworks.

What is Transmission Control Protocol?

Is a protocol that deals with the communication between the computers once they had started talking to each other. It allows two hosts to establish a connection and exchange data. TCP guarantees delivery of data,verify that data is not lost during transmission and also guarantees that packets are delivered in the same order in which they were sent.

This packets are very importants in windowing. What is windowing? Is a process by which a computer send info to the server computer. The data is break down is small parts called packets. First computer start sending packets in groups to the second computer. This groups will double the amount as time passes.


WHO USE THIS PROTOCOL?What is the future of these technology?

The TCP / IP protocol is one set of network protocols on which the Internet is based and which allow the transmission of data between computers ,is the most implemented protocl in devices that acesses to the Internet.

Many programs within a data network comprises computer networks can use TCP / IP to create "connections" to each other through which can send a data flow. I personally think that this protocol will continue in our society; obviously new versions as IPv6 will be create bringing new updates and new caracteristics. Maybe in the future because we're in the era of innovation this protocol will be remplaceby by another program more efficient.

TCP/IP and Subnet Masking


"Network or Internet is considered a great ally when it promotes creativity. We also use the Internet to access information, communicate, store data and play."TonyBuzan