Vote for Texas Annexation

your vote counts!

Sam Houston needs you!

Guys, if we join the U.S then we will be able to get our dept under control and they will be able to pay for it. you guys know about our 3,000,000 dept and we are trying to get that under control but it is hard knowing we do not have much but the U.S has more than we can make. our problems can be solved for just doing this remember your vote counts.

The ways the annexation counts

You already know that we are short on army because of the 4 wars we were in and now we have such a small army but, if we vote for annexation then we can get protection from the U.S and they can help us in any battle and we can help them in any battle.

Remember what we fought for and the consequences

Come on, you know you want to.

We NEED to annex texas

so now you know the reasons of why we should annex texas so please we need you for the sake of our loving home, texas, to help with our problems and stand up for annexation of texas.

We are ready to annex texas!