Redeemer Students Newsletter

January 22

RSM Wednesday

This week for Wednesday Night we will be going over our second lesson on the Sermon on the Mount.

We will be taking a look at Matthew 5:13-20. We will discuss the identity of believers as salt and light as well as how Christ fulfills the law of the Old Testament.

Parent Meeting THIS Wednesday

We will have a Parent Meeting this Wednesday to go over our plans for Summer Camp.

We will end our teaching time early to begin our meeting at 8:00.

January 23

Parent Meeting


Wild Wednesday next week

For Wild Wednesday we are heading to one of our favorite spots, Brusswick Zone to knock down some pins (or sink some great gutter balls).

The time will be bumped up a bit, so our time will go from 6:30-8:30.

The cost is $13.

Please let me know whether or not you can make it, thanks!

Redeemer Student Ministry Calendar!

  • 23 - RSM/Parent Meeting
  • 27 - The Landing
  • 30 - RSM: Wild Wednesday


  • 6 - RSM
  • 10 - The Landing
  • 13 - RSM
  • 20 - RSM
  • 24 - The Landing
  • 27 - RSM: Wild Wednesday


  • 6 RSM
  • 10 The Landing
  • 13 Spring Break

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Redeemer Student Ministry: Wednesday Night

We are continuing through our Fall Identity series. For October we will be looking at things that can get in the way of our finding our identity in Christ. This week we will be discussing how our friendships shape us and how we ought to think about how to be the type of friend that honors God.

Remember to bring your Bibles.

This Week