A New Future

Support Genetically Modified Organisms

Our Arguements

To Our Good Health

Genetically modified crops are changed in ways to benefit mankind. Scientists can modify crops specially for the consumers; rices with higher vitamin and mineral content are made available to the poor while crops with less saturated fats are adapted for our consumption. Genetically modified crops change for our needs so we do not need to change our lives to accommodate for them.

Grocery Store Vaccinations

Scientists are currently working to add vaccines into the genes of fruits. In the future, bananas can be the needles and you can be the doctor.

Our Counterarguements

Allergies? Something Smells Fishy...

Some suggest that allergies are caused by genetically modified crops. Well, that could be the case but what about the crops that are not genetically modified? These crops require massive amounts of fertilizer and chemicals to grow. Would it be possible that all these chemicals that used to cultivate unmodified crops are the things that cause all the allergies? After all, there already is founded suspicion that chemicals are the causes of allergies.