Aphrodites love triangle

Apollo and Posidion

the beggining

Long ago in majestic ancient Greece there was a war for love between the mighty gods Apollo and Posidion. Both had deeply fallen in love with the gorgeous goddess Aphrodite. The outcome though, created one of the most amazing things to see.

It all started when Apollo admitted to Posidion that he had fallen in love with Aphrodite. Posidion had also loved Aphrodite and their friendship was endangered. One day, Posidion saw Aphrodite and decided Apollo. Posidion was very mad, mad enough to steal Apollo golden crown!

That night, when Apollo was about to go to bed, he noticed his crown had gone missing. He was furious. He instantly knew it was Posidion who took his crown because left on the crown’s stool, was a puddle of sea water. The rage that filled him caused him to do something extremely crazy, he blocked out the moon! Without the moon, Posidion could not make waves for his oceans, and it was always day.

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Posidion was astonished and devastated, he couldn’t believe what Apollo had done. He didn’t know what to do. Finally, he concluded he would trade back Apollo’s crown and some of his treasure to get the moon back. Apollo accepted the offer, but he only gave a small visible part of it back, the rest was covered in the blackness. Little by little the moon became fuller through that month.

Every now and then Apollo and Posidion battle in epic battles of power. The outraging battle is the cause of what is now known as the lunar eclipse, and a sign of lost friendship.

the golden crown

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My illustrated picture

i illustraded this picture resembleing the pedestool that held the crown

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