Not Surviving

Ten, physically disabled, needs round-the-clock attention and care

Bobby is a ten year old boy that is physically disabled. He will not survive because he is too young and is incapable of work. He is so young that it would be hard for him to adapt to a different lifestyle. It is not ideal to have a child to try to survive without constant food and shelter. He also requires around-the-clock attention, not just because he is a child but he also has a physical disability. This takes away from the progress of actually surviving in the new territory. Likewise, he will not be able to receive all the help he needs. It would be difficult for him to thrive or make an effort to help other thrive because they would have to taking care of them the whole time. The situation isn't ideal for anyone but it is an even greater struggle for him. Bobby has a similar ability, like Mrs. Dane, to keep his father sane. A family works as a unit and when one get taken away is slowly destroys the other parts. Even though this is important, Dr. Dane would try to live on for his family because they sacrificed themselves for him to take this group of people and allow them to find their way home and live. Bobby is important to Dr. Dane but he is not beneficial to the group as a whole, they could keep someone else and have a better chance of surviving.
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