Coach's Corner

Volume 1, February 2015

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The Digital Pirate

We've all read Teach Like a Pirate, but did you know there's a companion resource all about Technology? Check out Tech Like a Pirate to learn how you can incorporate technology into your hooks!

Tools You Can Use

Wheel Decide: If you're looking for a quick way to make decisions in the classroom, check out WheelDecide! You can either use one of their premade wheels, or create your own.

Wonderopolis: Everyday a new wonder is posted, and can be used to spark curiosity and get students thinking. If you are interested in using Wonderopolis during independent reading time, I have a comprehension brochure that a PLN member uses with her students as they read the Wonder of the Day.


The Big Four

As your Instructional Coach, I am here to support your focus on the big four: Behavior, Content Knowledge, Direct Instruction, and Formative Assessment. Recently, Education Week came up with 5 Reasons We Need Instructional Coaches:
  1. Focus on Best Practices- We can work together to figure out what strategies will give you the biggest bang for your buck.
  2. Connect Colleagues with One Another
  3. Provide a fresh Outside Perspective-As teachers, we simply do not see everything that we need to in the classroom. Through videoing our practices or having an instructional coach, our blind spots can be opened to us, which will help foster growth and make us better practitioners.
  4. Provide Personal Learning-When teachers enter into a coaching cycle, it is to focus on a goal they set for themselves.
  5. Non Evaluative- I am here to partner with you, work alongside you, and support teaching and learning in your classroom.

If there's an area of the Big Four you'd like support with, please let me know! I'm here to work alongside each one of you!


My plan is to create a monthly newsletter like this with bits of information related to teaching and learning. If there are any areas or topics you would like to see featured, let me know!