Tsunami in Japan

By: Sydney D.

A tsunami is a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake. The tsunami took place in Japan March 11, 2011. It took 231 miles northeast of Japan at a depth of 15.2 miles and the waves were higher than 30 feet.

Canada's Involvement

Canada was involved in many ways, such as sending doctors, medical supplies, food, water and shelters. Canadians also donated $77.000 to help with the damage made from the tsunami. Number of National Charities also raised funds for the cost of medical supplies, damage and more. The National Charities raised up to $80.000. Canada is still helping in Japan building more buildings till this day 2014.

Damage Caused

A lot of damage was caused such as 3,061 people were missing and 16,273 were dead and a total amount of 19,334 lives were lost. An estimated amount of 27,074 people were injured and 400,000 were homeless from the tsunami damage. 1.2 million Buildings were damaged, and about a 49 foot wave hit the nuclear power plant, the cooling system failed and it was destroyed in Fukushima. A wave went inland up to 10 km in some places, with 561 km square of total land being covered from the tsunami.

Tsunami Effect on Children

The tsunami effected children with 378 deaths and 158 children missing. 236 children were put in the hospital or they were orphaned, children were separated from their families. Children can end up with mental and behavioral health problems from the stress and the fear from losing their families. Also from having fear of the tsunami.


In conclusion, the damage from the tsunami was very expensive. It cost 309 billion dollars. The hardship on the people of Japan was very extensive to the old and the young. To this day in Japan, they are still repairing buildings that remain from the damage caused by the tsunami.










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