Mary Read


When and where was Mary Read born?Any family information?How did Mary Read die?Who killed her when,where,and why?

Mary read was born in England in the late 1670.She was killed in a Jamaican prison the day was April/28/1728. She was a English pirate who sailed with Calico Jack"Rackham and Anne Bonny.Mary read mom dress her up as a boy to pass her off as her older brother who had died in order to get money out of Mary's paternal grandmother.

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what did Mary Read do before she became a pirate?What influenced them to become a pirate?

Mary read ship was taken by pirates forced her to join there group.while en route to the west indies,read ship was attacked and captured by pirates.Read decided to join them and for a while lived the life of a pirate ,she became

5 facts about Mary Read

.Mary read went to jail

.Mary Read was born in England

.Mary Read was pregnant

.Mary Read died in Jamaica

.Mary Read worked with Anne Bonny

What influenced them to become a pirate?

Mary Read had her ship takin by other pirate who fortes her to join the team