Jackson Journal Parent Edition

October 2016

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to bring our families this first edition of the Jackson Journal. This monthly newsletter will provide you with information about all the wonderful happenings here at Jackson Avenue. In addition to information about what students are learning in all their classes, our expert staff members will also offer you tips on relevant topics.

Happy Reading!


Dr. Gonzalez


Third Grade News

This month all third grade classes will be visiting the Mineola Fire house for Fire Prevention Month. They will be discussing fire safety and touring the fire house.

In reading, students are continuing their study by focusing on the essential question: “How can children around the world access books?” We are working on identifying the main message of the text and providing text evidence in order to support their thinking. As writers, we are working on narratives and concentrating on generating ideas and grabbing the readers attention with a strong lead. In math, students are continuing to focus on multiplication and division. Module 1 is coming to an end and we will be moving onto Module 2 which focuses on measurement. In science, we are working on physical science, and learning about forces and motion. In social studies we continue to learn about where we live, and studying different kinds of maps. All classes have completed the first set of Digital Citizenship lessons. Students have earned their iPad license and can now bring home their iPads on a daily basis.

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Fourth Grade News

Welcome to the new school year!! Fourth grade is off to a great start. The children have settled into their new year well and are excited to get back to business. We have all started by reading our first novel together and discussing elements of fiction, such as character traits and theme. Guided reading groups have started and we are all working diligently on our close reading skills and improving comprehension. We have also been working on writing personal narratives. The children have been learning how to narrow down their topics to help them focus on “a small moment” to write about. It is always enjoyable for us when students share their stories as they go through the writing process, from nurturing a seed to publishing a piece. Math has given the students a deeper understanding of place value and estimation of multi-digit numbers. Science has energized (haha) their desire to learn about forces and motion. They look forward to science lab and the hands-on experiences provided there. Social Studies has begun with a study of the geographical features of New York and how that has affected the evolution of both our people and our state. We are looking forward to our unit on Native Americans and our annual visit from the Iroquois troupe later this month. We are anticipating a wonderful year!!!!

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Physical Education with Ms. Vitale and Mr. DiGennaro

As we enter a new school year there is always the opportunity for new growth and setting goals. In physical education we discussed what it means to set goals and follow through with them. One universal goal among our 3rd and 4th graders is to make a conscious effort in physical fitness. In September we worked on our half mile assessment. Students are encouraged to practice jogging at recess, during PE class, and after school in order to strenghten their cardio vascular health. This month we also implemented a soccer and mass games unit.

Art with Ms. Gallina

Third Grade is working on a large “surrealism painting”. They are encouraged to use their imaginations while staying away from common drawn objects they drew in the past (for example rainbows, broccoli trees, stick figures, v-birds, corner suns, triangle square houses...etc.) They are given the freedom to draw something they've never drawn before and let a dreamlike quality happen to the page. They draw in pencil, outline in sharpie then color in small details in colored sharpie marker. Students will finish the background with a lesson in color mixing watercolor washes. Emphasis on drawing big and painting lightly is throughout. We can’t wait for you to see them! FYI all artwork is kept until the end of the year and sent home in an art portfolio.

Fourth grade has been very busy learning about Architecture and its elements. They are taking these elements and working on their drawing skills by creating a “Tree House” (mansion, castle or fort). There are so many phases of the treehouse project, the drawing of the tree, architectural details, inking, watercolor, colored pencil, and perm. markers are all a part of the process. FYI all artwork is kept until the end of the year and sent home in an art portfolio.

Chorus with Mrs. Napolitano

Third grade students have received their recorders and are learning to read music and play.

Fourth grade students are working on reading choral music and are learning rehearsal procedures.

Instrumental Music with Mrs. Barkan & Mrs. Ramsingh

Fourth grade students have received instruments and schedules. Lessons have begun!

Third grade students have been placed in lesson groups. Instrumental distribution is underway.

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STEAM Lab with Mrs. Dawber

Both third and fourth graders have been experiencing the effects of forces, energy and motion. Third graders will continue to explore various forces and how they affect motion, while fourth graders will learn about the energy cycle.

Library with Ms. Moreano

In September we reviewed the library rules and began borrowing 2 books per cycle. We started lessons on digital citizenship and learned how find a book on the shelves using the OPAC. In October we began using the OYO Class coding/digital badging platform along with “Scratch”. We are excited to have new Chromebooks to use with more flexible workspace!
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AGP with Mr. Kandel

Our inchoate investigators enjoyed our recent foray to the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum. These six special students are starting their STEAM-centric studies focusing on the impact good design has on the world.

Reading Support

Students that are participating in the HDWord program are learning the importance of reading accurately to achieve fluency and enhance understanding of the texts they read. Using manipulatives such as letter tiles, color tiles, and syllaboards, along with engaging animations and simultaneous use of sound and movement during instruction, the students employ multiple senses while learning about how to solve words.

At home you can encourage your child to use what they know to solve words and read fluently like they speak. Most of all, hear your child read, read to your child, and MAKE READING FUN!

Math Support

In addition to working on foundational skills that are aligned with the current modules, students in Math AIS will be using an app called ST Math®. It is instructional software designed to help all students reach math proficiency through self-paced, language-independent, mastery-based objectives. It is closely aligned to state and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and integrates with core instruction. ST Math games use interactive, graphically-rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.

Follow the link below to try out a sample game!


FLES with Ms. Klein

Third and Fourth grades have been reviewing all topics previously learned in Spanish: colors, numbers 1-100, calendar (months, days, dates), animals, family, house, body parts, clothing, Spanish alphabet, food and sports. Upcoming new topics - Third grade will soon be learning adjectives. Fourth grade will soon be begin a unit on "professions."

ESL with Ms. Shields & Mr. Suarez

Ms. Shields and Mr. Suarez are currently supporting students with their learning within the literacy block where the students are working on recounting stories, determining the central message, identifying the problem and solution, character traits, sequencing stories, mapping out facts, and introducing /reviewing vocabulary from book selections.

Tips from our Speech Language Pathologists

Vocabulary is everything! Parents can teach children new words every day by reading to them and engaging them in conversation, explaining daily routines, and taking family excursions such as going to the beach, park, museum or zoo. If you go somewhere, take a camera with you! Let your child take some photos. Later, they can make a scrapbook or journal and tell or (even better) write about the pictures they took.

Social and Emotional Support from Dr. Romero & Ms. Castillo

When a large scale tragedy or news event occur (hurricanes, creepy clowns etc.) it can cause strong and deeply felt reactions in adults and children. How adults express their emotions will influence the reactions of children and youth. Caregivers can help youngsters manage their feelings by modeling healthy coping strategies and closely monitoring their own emotional state and that of those in their care.


1. If they ask have an open dialogue with them about incident but don’t overwhelm them with details.

2. Limit exposure to information about the event as it may not be suitable.

3. Encourage children to express their feelings including fear and concerns.

4. Maintain routines and reassure them that they are safe.

5. Be alert for any change in their behavior.

6. Consult with school staff members and pediatrician if problems persist.

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From the Desk of the School Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. I am looking forward to assisting in the maintenance of the health and safety of your children while they are at school.Please be advised that the NYS Education Department requires an annual physical exam for all students in Pre-K or K and Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10, as well as for all new entrants to the district regardless of grade. These physicals are now past due. Please forward completed physical forms to the Health Office. All students without up-to-date physicals will undergo an exam by our school district physician to satisfy the requirement. Please call me, should you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like your child to be examined by the school doctor. Also as a reminder, flu season is fast-approaching. Flu vaccinations are recommended for all children 6 months of age and older. Please speak to your health care provider about this important vaccination.

Thank you.

Joanne Puntillo RN

Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences

If you haven't already done so please use the following link to schedule your December Parent Teacher Conference. If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher.


Upcoming Events

10/17-PTA Meeting @7:00 pm, Jackson cafeteria

10/25-Meet the iPad Night @ 7:00 pm, MMS

10/31-Halloween Parade @ 2:40 pm, Jackson field (Weather Permitting)

Meet the iPad Night

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 7pm

200 Emory Road

Mineola, NY

Bring your child's iPad to this interactive workshop on various applications our students use in school.

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