Pueblo, Co Bookclub

A Wine Club With A Reading Problem

Join the BEST Bookclub in Pueblo!

We are a blast! We meet twice a month at an agreed on place. (Downtown bar, Cup n' cork, member's homes). We do monthly book votes, so everyone has a say in what book they would like to read. We've been around for more than a year and have never skipped a month of meetings!

We also do crazy fun things!

*Meeting Authors

*Skyping Authors


*Game Nights

*Fun Runs

Coming Soon!

*Weekend Getaways

*Wine and Painting

*Glamping Trips

*Drag Shows


Some of our meet-ups!

*We will accept all ages but you must be 21+ to enjoy alcohol or go to bars

*We will always have 100% free membership

How To join!

We operate mostly out of facebook!