Free-Wrench Review

by Jeremiah Conley

About the book and The Author

Free-Wrench is written by Joseph. R Lallo. The type of genre this book is the following: fiction , Sci-fi, Action, Adventure.

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Yes, I think it is interesting , I do think it will stick because it has an interesting way of transportation included in the story. It was not funny and it did not make me cry. The book is a work of fiction and in it it did not discuss a lot of issues except what the main character did for her her mother because she wanted her mother to sustain her craft like she used to. I think I can connect this book to others because the main character risks her her life just to help another and this is theme we see in most books. It really only goes to show that in real life and fictional life that main characters or good people can help others because they care.


Would you the reader be willing to help someone else even if it means risking your life ? Well in this book it happens our main character was willing to risk her life for someone close to her. If I say who it was i might even give off spoilers!