Getting ready for the Fall!

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Some important things to do as we prepare to begin our WFC (Whole Family Catechesis) PREP this year

  • Think about a time each week you want to devote to your child/ren's PREP lesson. Some families have successfully put aside time each Sunday as a special day to work with their children on their religious lessons.
  • Prepare a special place for these lessons...include a Bible, rosary, candle, or other sacramentals.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, September 10--PREP family bag pick-up. Sign-ups are below for times to pick up your PREP family bag. What will this include? In your bag will be your child/ren's Loyola Press book, and a folder containing the PREP calendar, FlipGrid instructions, a FlipGrid Notes page packet for your child to take notes before they submit their FlipGrid video to their catechist, a PREP assignment log sheet, PREP on-line submission and paper submission instructions, and if you signed up for paper submission, copies of the sessions assessments will be included in the folder. If your child is in Level 2, you will also have a First Penance and First Holy Communion packet in the folder.

A brief overview of what to expect this year

  • A webinar will be sent out for you as parents to participate in before each of the 5 Units.
  • The PREP Newsletter will be sent out before each unit with important reminders and a guide for parents to help steer your child/ren through the lessons.
  • After participating in the webinar you will help guide your child/ren through the four chapters/sessions (we are not doing the fifth chapter/session in each Unit). After each session is completed, your child/ren will either submit the on-line quiz to or complete the paper assessment and email it to
  • A week before the Unit work is due, your child's catechist will email you a link to the Unit Wrap-up FlipGrid. This will include a video from the catechist "wrapping up" the important topics they learned, and instructions for what they want your child to talk about in their video they will submit back to the catechist.
  • There are two dates this year when families will pick up their Family Faith at Home materials, both in Advent and Lent. Sign-up times will be emailed.

What else do we hope can take place this year?

Depending on the guidelines we receive from our state and the Archdiocese, our hope is to bring the children together for some special events such as grade-level Mass, Confession, and other possible faith activities. Stay tuned!

Good News!

We are developing a new St. Alphonsus website! The PREP section will include all the resources you need to help guide your child/ren through their religious lessons. You will be notified when it is available to view.

Please follow PREP on social media--a great way to stay connected!

Please click on the link below to sign up for a time slot on September 10 to pick up your PREP Family Bag

All family bags will be arranged alphabetically in the area right outside of the chapel. Drive in through Temple Dr. and pull up on the curb by the rectory and chapel. If you would like a friend/neighbor to pick up your bag, that is fine! When you sign up on the link below, write the other family bags you are picking up in the comment section.

Contact Michele Gordon, DRE

The best way to reach me this year is through email.