Apple iTunes vs. Google Play

Which is better?

Areas of Focus

Google Play- on the homepage of this app store you see all the categories: Apps, movies & TV, Music, Books, Newsstand, Devices all on separate colored tabs. Hence that this app store is trying to make its products pop out more.

Apple iTunes- You will find all the categories you see on Google Play on here but more. The Apple iTunes store seems to have more of a variety on what you can choose to look at. But it is not as colorful as Google Play is.

Google Play & Apple iTunes ACcess

They are equally easy to access. You can go on the internet and go to each app store. Or if you have an android phone there is a little app you can click on that brings up the market place. if you have an iPhone there's an app store app. Having an iPhone I can say it is so easy to download and get apps using Apple products.

App Availability

Usually the newest and most popular apps tend to come out for Apple first. Eventually the app will come to Google Play but it might come in as a little different. However sometimes it may be the exact same. So I prefer the Apple Store for apps.

GP vs. AI Quality and Number of Apps

The Apple iTunes store has more than one million apps. It indeed has more apps than Google Play. It seems like people who put and create apps on the Apple market focus the most on quality. People are more likely to use their money to pay for an Apple app because they know the would be getting there moneys worth.

App Store Bugs and Prices to Submit an App

The cost to submit an App for both Apple and Google Play is $99 a year. Each app store is going to have their bugs with there apps. It's an app store I mean it's not like they wouldn't have bugs at all. But I would guess Apple iTunes Store has more bugs because more people use it. If that makes any sense.