Fourth Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: January, 2016


Fourth grade artists will finish up their investigation of the art element of space by combining their architectural landmarks with their atmospheric drawings to create one magnificent piece. Later in the month we will look at an artist who views space in a completely different way, Stewart Davis. Students will work on a collage piece inspired by the artist and experiment with form, color and layering.


Fourth Grade continues reading regional fiction and nonfiction about the Northeast Region. We will read Lost in NYC, a graphic novel about the subway system; Brothers at Bat (New Jersey); Sugaring Time (Vermont) and Jubilee (Maine).


Fourth graders finished their recorder unit and are moving on to a brief unit on music history. We will be focusing on the major composers of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical time periods. Our composer of the month is American composer John Williams.


This month students will participate in a various types of basketball competitions including half court games, full court games and other basketball skill challenges. The students will be working on basketball skills like dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork. Students will be confronted with integrity and social interaction issues, as many of these activities will be student organized and monitored. This month the fitness challenge will be the shuttle run. Each class will use the rock wall once during the month. January ends with the introduction of jump rope and various jump rope skills, as the class begins to prepare for our fifth annual Jump Rope for Heart event in February.


This month, fourth graders are focused on engineering. Before break, students created their solar ovens, and tested them. This month, students reflect on what worked and what did not by sharing their data and improving their design. They will then rebuild and retest their ovens. We will do this two times before the end the unit. By the end, students will become experts at the engineering design process of constantly defining the problem, designing a solution, planning its implementation, creating the oven, testing their oven, collecting data and improving on their design. Students will understand the importance of communicating with their peers, sharing ideas, and presenting their findings to help one another succeed, and optimize their designs. Students will also need keep in mind the criteria and constraints given as part of the project.


Students will watch several videos which discuss going shopping for clothing. The class will then brainstorm functional chunks of vocabulary used when shopping for clothes. With their assigned partners students will then create a shopping skit situation in which one student plays the role of store attendant “vendedor,” and the other student is the client “comprador." They will greet each other, ask what he/she is looking for or needs, what color, size, how much it is, describe a problem and say goodbye. Students will practice their dialogs and present their skits to class.