My Journey!

My journey through the body as Oxegen

The Mouth!

OMG, you'll never guess were i went. I was in the mouth. A new place where I have never explored before! It was crazy. I flew into the opening and saw a bunch of white billboards. I was swimming in sticky goo. I think those humans call it saliva. Before I knew it, I went down something dark and long. Like a never ending tunnel.
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The Throat!

My never ending journey through the throat was a roller coaster ride. I flew past the pharynx and the larynx. I was speeding down the tunnel and I felt like I was floating on air. I noticed the voice box, and it was something I have never seen before. Now I know why people are yelling all the time!

The Lungs!

Hey guys, I found my family. Who knew that my family would be vacationing in the lungs! I saw Auntie Airy chilling in the right lung, so I decided to go into the right lung. I saw a bunch of little trees on the outside of the lungs. I think they are called capillary, but hey what do I know. All of a sudden I was pushed into another long tunnel!
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The Blood Stream and the Heart!

From the lungs, I went into the blood stream. From their I traveled into the heart. It was a squishy red blob. It kept spazzing out and making a thump noise.


From the heart, I went away in the arteries. I traveled all throughout the body and saw all of the many organs.