Life in the Library

2017-2018 School Year

November/ December

Wow! That first quarter went by fast. We had fun in library doing different activities related to Fall, Halloween, and our learning.

This 2nd quarter will see us doing more activities and lessons concentrating on how to be independent and responsible users of information.

5th grade has been learning what it means to be a good digital citizen. We have been talking about privacy law for websites and how some websites or people try to get our private information. We are learning how our actions online can effect our future and what is a digital footprint . We will continue these lessons for the quarter while also learning about media literacy.

4th grade reviewed the ordering system for nonfiction books called the Dewey Decimal System. This is important to know as it can help us independently find books in a library. We will also be learning about copyright, plagiarism, and citations.

3rd grade will be learning and reviewing nonfiction text features. These features help us to know more about the information we are reading. We will also discover the wonderful tool called Destiny that helps students and staff find books in our library.

Each one of these grades will also be doing a holiday activity.


In the younger grades , we do various centers during the marking period. I usually set up 4 centers during class . Over a three to four week period, each child will get to visit each center to work on different skills. Our centers involved different activities related to a skill plus creating(art), building, reading, and thinking.

November is.....

Did you know that November is National Family Literacy Month? The National Center for Families Learning created the event in 1994 to showcase the importance of family literacy. Basic literacy skills—reading, writing, and communicating—are essential for everyone . November brings about a great opportunity for everyone to get back into the beautiful tradition of reading as a family.

November is Picture Book Month.

National Young Reader’s week Nov 12-18

American Education Week Nov 13-17.

Library Highlights from our lessons


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