dont smoke the life of danger

shenice queeley veronica symone

dont smoke the life of danger

your lungs

your teeth turn yellow


brain damage

you will mabe die

carbon monoxide is poisonous

how i feel about not smoke


and it makes me sick

burns red blood cells
yellow stain on your finger

you can die

have caneer

so stop

some ages the skin causing it to wrinkle

over time tobacco use can cause finger to yellow and stain

the tar in cigarette smoke coats the in the inside of the lungs

why you sould smoke

if you keep smoking you can die. if you keep smoking you can get sick you blood cells can get damge and you can die .you will get a heart attack if you keep smoking and get other things .your mouth teeth and thooat you can get tobacco and that's bad for you .your heart and nicotine increases heart rate and causes blood vessels to become narrower .you can get lots of suff .there is chide out there trying not to get sick and people are just smoking so stop smoking .you can make a choses and stop smoking .you lot's of thing that mabe don't now what you can get out of smoking .so don't not smoke because you can get a lot of suff on you boby .carbon monoxide is really poisonous for you can die .snuff is finely ground tobacco that is inhaled or held in the mouth or cheeks second hand this is a mixture of the smoke given off by the burning end smoke .

why you sould not smoke

it is bad for you and if you want to get sick have fun and can die and have suff keep poping on your finger .so stop smoking .
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